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    3 juniors   

Gibson LP-Jr  
 Re-issue '01
Gibson LP-Jr
  Vintage 1957

Gibson LP-Jr
Historic Collection '03
with vintage Bumble Bee
    .022 Cap.

Gibson LP-Jr  L to R 
 Limited Edition '96
 Re-issue '91
 Re-issue '91
now repainting to White


    Ampeg Plexi     

Ampeg Dan Armstrong
Re-issue '07

 for Slide


Gibson Flying V
Re-issue '96

 Neck-Pu : None
 Bridge-Pu : P-90
with vintage Bumble Bee .022Cap
Gibson LP-Jr
Re-issue '91
  (Avove center)
  Leslie West '71-72 version
  with '60 P-90 & Black Beauty .022Cap
Gibson LP-Jr
Re-issue '2009

Satin White




IMG_4960.JPG  EB-1-Mod

Gibson EB-1 '70
  Heavily Modified
    - Baddas bridge
    - Eboney Finger Board
    - Scorpion Inlay
Gibson EB-0  L to R 
  '69 Walnuts
  '69 Wine Red
Gibson EB-1 '69





    sunn100s.jpg StudioPA1.jpg 54bb_1.jpg  Sunn15inchCabi.jpg

         100S w/Rev&Trem          Studio PA                       Spectrum II           Model-T Reissued by Fender          115S



       2100A  added Master Vol.        2nd 2100A Original condition        2100B 4x12 Cabinet w/ 2x 2100A

Stage Set-up

Stevie                                  Mick

Above :  Stage Set-up for the Band Night Live at Merry You on 29. March 2009.

CABU_EBJr.jpg IMG_4960.JPG

Mick got another EB-0!
Two EB-0s are true brothers in terms of their serial numbers and look.

JTMC410 JTMC212.jpg 212.jpg